Our Story • LOUD BODIES: Inclusive, Ethical, Sustainable Fashion

Our Story. Behind the Brand.

LOUDBODIES is a clothing brand founded by Patricia Luiza Blaj, driven by her need to prove that style has no size and to make ethically produced sustainable clothing of all sizes available to people everywhere.

Our Story • LOUD BODIES: Inclusive, Ethical, Sustainable Fashion


And EVERYbody deserves stylish and comfortable clothes in their size.

Our Story • LOUD BODIES: Inclusive, Ethical, Sustainable Fashion

One day I walked into the mall and realized that the clothes I loved no longer fit me. There were clothes that fit, however they were plain, baggy and in colours I hoped I wouldn’t feel like wearing even at 80.
The last size, the last size, look for a bigger size – it’s never there. I guess they assume that a fatty would never wear something like that, so bright, so bold, so colorful. Oh, but I would. I would so wear them and I would love it if people stopped acting and reminding me I don’t have the right to wear it because I am fat.

The voice inside my head that wishes I were skinny was thrilled that day. The last time she was thrilled was a few Christmases ago and I was weak. I listened to her, I told myself I’d go to the bathroom just this one and I relapsed for another half a year. It’s not easy to mute out a part of your brain that’s been with you for so many years. When none of the things I tried on fit, FIT, we’re not talking about something not looking good, but simply not zipping up, she rejoiced. I told you being fat is the worst thing you can be. I told you. I told you you’ll never be happy until you’re skinny. They don’t really love you anyway. I mean they love you, but they hate your body. How could anyone love or be attracted to that?

Our Story • LOUD BODIES: Inclusive, Ethical, Sustainable Fashion

She starts screaming, but I close my eyes, breathe in and out deeply the way my mother taught me and shun that voice until it mutes down to a familiar buzzing that’s almost always with me, trying to get louder again.
I look into the mirror and that day, I am not too happy with my body. If people hate it so much they don’t make clothes for it, how can I love it?
Why, why, why don’t they make clothes FOR ME? What’s so wrong with me?
But then I looked around and saw skinny people with that same look in their eyes. People with all kinds of bodies, searching with that same glimpse of frustration in their eyes. My sisters were just as unhappy as I was. 

Tall, short, fat, skinny, no matter what they look like, we are all tied by a single red thread: insecurities. We grow up and learn that there’s something wrong with us. Our minds are underestimated and placed on the second spot (because it’s cheaper to perfect your mind than your body) and our bodies take the full wrath of a potent mix of environment, parenting and media and we usually end up hating ourselves by the time we’re 15. Or, at least parts of ourselves that suddenly become the reason why you can’t be happy in life. Your nose, your lips, your non existent thigh gap, your eyes, your hair, your lips, your arms, your ribs, your bones, your fat, your feet, your knees, your ass, your skin, your all. Your body becomes an enemy’s front of things that are stopping you from living your best life, stopping you from landing your perfect lover, stopping you from finding the perfect job, stopping you from enjoying summer, stopping you from BEING HAPPY.

Our Story • LOUD BODIES: Inclusive, Ethical, Sustainable Fashion

YOU TOO deserve to be happy

But what if I told you, it’s not your body stopping you from being happy? What if I told you it’s that thing you forgot about, your mind?

It’s time to embrace who you are. We all have bodies, we all have insecurities. So why stress so much about it, when it’s something we all have? Spending around 80% of the time thinking about our bodies, about loosing weight and whatever else insecurities you’re obsessing about right now is a blatant insult to your intelligence. You are so much more than that.
And YOU TOO deserve to be happy.
And YOU TOO deserve to wear beautiful clothes that make you feel like you’re on top of the world.
And YOU TOO deserve to be respected and serviced and represented by brands.

And here, at LOUDBODIES, we vow to do just that.”

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