We are partnering with Elizabeth Suzann to aid the fundraising efforts for families trapped in Gaza

These families are in desperate need for help.

Since the genocide has started, the border crossing fee for one person has become as expensive as 8.000€, and families have no choice but to fundraise in order to afford to cross the border to safety, as remaining trapped in Gaza means facing starvation, a lack of medical supplies and treatment of any kind and ultimately, death.

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The family we have chosen to support is Salem Qrinawi’s and you can find their fundraiser here.

In December Salem’s family home was bombed and 5 members of his immediate family were killed. His remaining loved ones are now displaced. Regardless of where they lay their heads at night, there is no safe place in Gaza.

He has 10 family members including 3 small children (2 newborns and a toddler), and it is imperative that Salem’s family flee Gaza.

Salem’s sister gave birth at the beginning of May to a baby girl named Ghana.

The fundraiser has been vetted by Operation Olive Branch (Line 37 / OOB Perinatal Project list), which is a volunteer-powered grassroots collective effort to connect with and amplify Palestinian voices in an effort to support their critical needs, which include but are not limited to their mutual aid requests.

OOB has collected the mutual aid campaign information of over 800 families on a detailed spreadsheet with hopes of enhancing the families’ accessibility and reach to potential donors and advocates.


We are organising a raffle for a $300 Loud Bodies Gift Card to be spent in our shop and a $500 gift card to be spent with Elizabeth Suzann.

The entry ticket to the raffle costs 5$ (the minimum Gofundme donation) and there will be one winner extracted at random who will receive the gift card.

This time the donations should be made straight to the Gofundme fundraiser and of course the gift card cost is covered by us.

After clicking on the DONATE TO SALEM’S FAMILY button, you will be lead to Salem’s Gofundme where you can pledge your donation.

You are free and encouraged to donate more than 5€ if you wish to do so, however the minimum required to join the raffle is 5€.

After pledging your donation, please do not forget to sign up to the raffle via the google form below. The entries to the raffle will be taken from the form and unless you sign up we are unable to count you in or contact you. 

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